Workplace Yoga Classes in Melbourne

Book a corporate or workplace yoga class tailored and customised to meet the needs and levels of your employees.  Classes are taught by insured, accredited and professional yoga teachers of a high standard and associated with Yoga Australia.  Workplace yoga classes include yoga breathing techniques, a yoga pose sequence, relaxation and meditation. Classes are taught to suit all levels and pay particular attention to correct alignment and safe entry into poses.

Blocks, straps, mats are supplied along with a first time welcome yoga pack and weekly yoga newsletters for monthly programs.

The calming and physical effect of yoga appeals to employees and helps employers to promote well being at work. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, promotes team building and a happier workplace with boosted morale.

Workplace Yoga Class Options:

MORNING RISE (30 M) start the work day with a workplace yoga class to charge up and energise the mind & body for the work day ahead.

LUNCHTIME YOGA (50 M) hatha yoga vinyasa flow during lunch hour, leaving enough time some lunch too.

PM YOGA (60 M) finish off the working day with a power hour yoga class, a yoga workout with a juicy relaxation to finish.

*Workplace yoga classes can be modified to suit your workplace, employees, space and timetable.

The way it can work:

Workplace: pays full amount
Share: workplace/employee share cost
Workplace hosts: employees pay

Scheduling of classes:

4, 6 or 8 week programs;  or
weekly ongoing classes